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The mystifying Vengurla Rocks have served as a magnificent sight for years. The mystery is so ancient that a Dutch explorer, 300 years ago, wrote, “There is an archipelago consisting of large black rocks near the coast of Mingrela (Vengurla) about 9 miles west, the water there is deep and treacherous. For under the water, lie rocks that are barely visible. While the ones above, are large and have an excrescence upon their trunks, which gives them a semblance to prehistoric monsters, that lay crouched upon their backs. They seem restless as though their souls lay locked within and wait in anticipation, through the millennia, for the spell to be lifted. A local piratical tribe hides among them in skiffs, waiting to plunder the unwary. These environs are best avoided by setting course a further due west from the harbour.”

The Vengurla Rocks is an archipelago consisting of 20 large rocks and some small rocks also. While you travel on the amazing Angriya cruise, you can experience the mesmerizing Vengurla Rocks from a little distance as the Mumbai to Goa cruise is the only cruise to pass through the Vengurla Rocks from such a short distance! Proceed with the Angriya cruise booking process and brace yourself to experience the beautiful view!The guiding force of a magnificent tower, the Vengurla Lighthouse located on a hill that stands tall above the jetty is hard to miss. The path to the Lighthouse is through a long winding path of foliage and greenery. The Lighthouse and staff quarters are perched right on the top of the hill. The flat plateau on the top of the hill provides a memorable view of the shore and beach below. It is awe-inspiring to see the vast stretch of sea spread before you. Have a look at the major places of attraction at the Vengurla Rocks.

Vengurla Rocks Old Lighthouse

Vengurla Rocks is famous for its lighthouses. The old lighthouse is located on Burnt island. It was constructed in the 1800s by the British. This was the first lighthouse built by the British in the 1800’s. Back in the day, the lighting apparatus that was to be installed did not reach there on time, and it was then decided to burn a log fire as a source of light. This old masterpiece has stood the test of time and still reminds us of the architecture during the 1800s.

The New Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located on a larger rock and is a prominent attraction amongst travelers. This new lighthouse was built in 1931 by John Oswald, who was then the chief inspector of lighthouses. The tower is surrounded by a few decayed structures that once used to be the dwellings of the light-keeper families.

Bird Island

Located close to the lighthouse, there is another islet called Bird Island. This islet got its name from the many unique species of birds which are found on this island. This island is famous for being a nesting site for birds, specifically the Bridled Tern and Indian Swiftlet. More than one lakh Indian Swiftlets or, the Indian Edible-nest Swiftlet, visit and breed at Vengurla Rocks.

The Vengurla Rocks is surely a place not to be missed! It is worth visiting. With Angriya, a Mumbai to Goa cruise, you can glance at the amazing rocks! How? Complete the Angriya cruise booking to view the mesmerizing Vengurla Rocks and get ready to experience the magic of the seas at every step!

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