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So, you have booked your cabin to sail on the exemplary Angriya, India’s first domestic cruise liner. You must be excited as well as curious about the sailing on the Mumbai to Goa cruise! There must be a plethora of questions hovering in your mind if you are embarking on a sea voyage for the first time. Have a look at the dos and don’ts for spending your first day on the cruise as you select the cruise packages from Mumbai.


  • As you begin your day on Angriya, a cruise in India from Mumbai to Goa, explore the entire ship. Discover and decide which bar or eatery you want to visit and plan the entire agenda for the day. Angriya cruise has the best restaurants and bars like Ancora, Sorro Di, Aguad, Coral Reef and many others to make your first day a memorable one!
  • Make your urgent phone-calls and messages as the range will be scarcer as you move far from the port.
  • Enquire and reserve your space on the deck for a great view of the sea. Angriya has designed its decks to offer the best marine view for its voyagers. Angriya has decks like the Monkey Deck, Gaaz Deck, and Swimming Pool Deck that offer a pristine view of the enthralling ocean!
  • Arrange the spa and massage appointments. Make it a priority as they get booked quickly. Once you are done with the Mumbai to Goa cruise booking, you receive a package of happiness and stress-free moments! Angriya has the dry dock spa to rejuvenate your senses and de-clutter your mind from all the worries and stress!


  • Don’t spend your precious moments on the cruise in a formal apparel. Carry a pair of relaxing apparel in your backpack, so, when you arrive on the cruise, you don’t have to keep searching or wait for your luggage to arrive. You will instantly switch on your vacation mode as you step on the magical Angriya cruise!
  • Don’t head to the buffet at the moment you arrive as it will be overcrowded at that time. Go after some time when the crowd intensity is lowered. Also, don’t forget to check the options for your dinner. Restaurants like Ancora, Coral Reef, and Sea Breeze on Angriya will treat you with their best in class cuisine!
  • Don’t indulge in any extraordinary tactics on the railings of the deck just for a good selfie or a pose. Remember, your life is more valuable than the selfie. Also, don’t let your kids hover around the rails of the deck as it can be dangerous for them too.
  • Last but not least, Don’t skip the muster drills. Muster drills are usually taken half an hour after the voyage commences. It is a drill to explain the guidelines needed during emergency situations.

Angriya will surely mesmerize you with the amazing views and exciting activities on board. Book your cabin at Angriya and experience a treasure of beautiful memories!

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It's time to enjoy sea magic on-board India's first domestic cruise liner. Go ahead and book your rendezvous with the Indian sea, from Mumbai to Goa or the other way round. Angriya invites you to a sea experience of a lifetime!