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"We are like a family on a ship. Sailing with you, all through.”

Angriya is at your service as you set on your first ever Mumbai to Goa cruise. Your vessel is your very own cosy abode once you get sailing. To offer you the best of conveniences, comforts, and smiles we have a committed team of 26 marine personnel and 60 hospitality personnel available 24/7. We ensure high quality comfort on this first of its kind cruise ship. Our team is always ready to assist you. The team is dedicated to your safety, care, tastes, hygiene, and preferences.

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From the Captain’s Deck

Dear Patron,

Welcome on-board Angriya!

Angriya aims to support local communities as well as promote conservation of ecologically and culturally fragile habitats through sustainable tourism.

The coral diversity of the Konkan coasts, its backwaters, sea forts and ancient sites are of national significance and are a cultural, ecological and anthropological symbol.

We aim to seamlessly weave these vital aspects together to provide an exclusive experience on-board Angriya, along with reviving this ancient and yet important sea travel route from Mumbai to Goa and vice versa. Angriya is themed to showcase the history, natural history and the biodiversity of the Konkan region.

Do join us on-board to sample our exquisitely created culinary delights, know your ship walks, serene viewing points and enjoy our hospitality on the high seas of the Hind Mahasagar, as this Sea was once called.

Our objective is also to eco-sensitively educate and employ local communities, create livelihood opportunities through Angriya and instill sense of pride among them. Hence, most of our staff is sourced from the Konkan region and needs all the support and encouragement from you, our patrons. They have been trained to look after your safety and comfort.

Jai Hind.

Capt. Nitin Dhond.
Team Angriya
Team Angriya

The World of Angriya

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As India's first domestic cruise liner, Angriya has made many voyages on the Mumbai-Goa sea route, along the pristine Konkan Coast. It has given India and Indians a sense of pride and happiness, while introducing the travelers to coral diversity and royal sea forts along the way!

Angriya withholds a rich legacy of the first Admiral of the Maratha Navy, Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, popularly known as the Shivaji of the Indian Sea. The starlit sky, the infinite blue pool, the captivating sunrise and sunsets; await the voyagers on-board. At the same time, it operates in synergy with the ecological balance of the sea by ensuring sustainable, green practices. As they say, you have to see it to believe it.

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