Experience an all-night sea party
on India’s first cruise liner.

Date: 15th Dec 2018

Angriya, India's first domestic cruise liner invites you to party on-board all-night long! Get entertained like never before at the Anchored Angriya Party and make limitless memories. Dance to live music and enjoy fine dining on-board at our 6 unique bars. Rock the boat by the pool, at our lounge, or under the starlit sky! You can even take our accommodation package and get a treat of our luxurious stay options for the night.

  • Party at Sea off Aguad lighthouse
  • Sail along the pristine Goan beaches
  • Crazy Live Music
  • On-board Infinity Pool
  • Limitless Entertainment
  • Authentic Goan & International Cuisine
  • Experience Star Gazing
  • Exclusive Fathom Lounge
  • 6 Unique Bars
  • 8 Amazing Stay Options

Get ready to party with us and enjoy a cruise party
experience like never before.